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How Much Is a New Dispensary Customer Worth?

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Growing your marijuana business is highly dependent on bringing in new dispensary customers. There are usually many other dispensaries in your city so the shops that wish survive need to capture their local market share at a higher rate than the competition. Many new dispensary owners begin their marketing campaign using industry websites such as Leafly and Weedmaps while totally ignoring search engine optimization. This is a huge mistake and the data presented in this article will explain why.

The Customer Retention (KPI) determines the ability of a marijuana dispensary to keep customers over the long term and to generate recurring revenue from marijuana sales. We cannot stress the importance of retaining recreational retail customers, as research shows that a small 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits anywhere from 25% to 95% (source:  The Economics of E-Loyalty)

Here are some important statistics regarding retention of dispensary customers.


  • The odds of selling to a current customer is 60-70 percent. The odds of selling to a new cannabis client are 5-20 percent.
  • 80 percent of your future profits will be generated from just 20 percent of your existing dispensary clients.
  • 65 percent of a dispensaries business will be generated from existing clients.
  • 32 percent of dispensary owners state retaining marijuana customers is a priority.
  • A typical recreational or medical marijuana business will lose 15 percent of its clients each year.
  • 27 percent of dispensary owners estimate that 11 to 20 percent of new customers do not return to their business.


According to surveys the typical male customer spends around $647 a year on cannabis products, while female users drop to about $634 each year on marijuana sales, That is relative to an average of $645 a year on spent alcohol and $1,000 a year spent on coffee, according to data from Headset, which monitors marijuana transactions from recreational dispensaries.

The average marijuana transaction is around $25 dollars with an average profit of approximately $8 dollars. We can easily calculate that 1000 new customers per month would equal $8000 profit for the business. This figure assumes the customer makes one purchase and never returns to the dispensary again.

The average retention rate of recreational marijuana dispensaries is on average 40 percent. That means that 60 percent of the customers will revert to other recreational marijuana shops. The important rule for the dispensary owner is that if they do not capture those new customers 40 percent will NEVER visit their shop and stay with the first dispensary that they found.


Since the average profit per sale for a dispensary is 32% a customer who stays at the same shop will provide $204 dollars per year in profit for a dispensary. Let’s say the average dispensary pulls in 1000 new customers a month that would equate to $20,400 in profits per month.

How do customers find Local Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries?



From the chart above we can see that a whopping 65 percent of dispensary customers find shops via search engines with 12 of the other options being related to an online presence. Looking at the chart below we can see that Google dominates all local searches. With these numbers, the marketing manager should be able to deduce that investing in search engine optimization is the best way to bring in new customers.



Let’s look at a typical Google search for a marijuana dispensary in San Diego California.




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You can see that the top 3 results are directly from Google’s three pack,  this is the prime real estate you need your dispensary to dominate. 97 percent of all clicks come from the first page results of Google and the first listings get 33 percent of all clicks. This means that if your business is not on the first page of Google those customers are going to your competitors. Another thing you should pay attention to is that Weedmaps and Leafly are not in the top 4 results. Every consumer knows about Google, how many know about Weedmaps or Leafly?


How much does Charge?

This chart above shows how customers click on search results. As you can see it is critical that your business is number 1 for your primary search terms as the second place position drops in half. That means if you are getting a 1000 new customers per month from Google being in a second place you are loosing a 1000 new customers by not being number 1.


dispensary customers

This is a heat map that shows where potential dispensary customers click when they are doing a google search. As you can see the majority of business is coming from the top 3 search results with results plummeting after position number 4.


Source Number of Clicks Percentage of Total
Google 4366 84%
Bing 360 7%
Second Dispensary Store 162 3%
Yahoo 90 2%
Facebook 45 1%
Instagram 43 1% 42 1%
Potguide 40 1%
Yelp 37 1%
Total 5185 100%


This chart above is a monthly report for one of our recreational dispensary clients for where their referral clicks come from.

One thing you should notice is that the real world data matches almost perfectly to what most research companies report.

In the chart above it says that Google has 83.3 percent of the search traffic while our real-world data says 84 percent.

Bing and Yahoo use the same search engines so that total is 9 percent while the chart above reports 16 percent of the search traffic.

Another metric that should stand out is that we see no traffic from Leafly or Weedmaps the industry leaders.


Though the data presented above we can calculate that Google Bing and Yahoo brings in approximately 4816 new customers per month. If each transaction produces an 8 dollar profit that comes to $96,320 dollars per month and for a year that translates into a profit of 1,115,840.00. Now, of course, clicks do not translate into actual customers coming through the door. Some could be repeat customers, but if you add in the fact that you will retain 40 percent of the customers the numbers should balance out nicely with repeated sales. specializes in recreational and medical marijuana search engine optimization. The owner is a former Microsoft database engineer and medical marijuana dispensary owner. We understand the fierce competition and the technical side of the cannabis business. Our monthly rates are only a fraction of what of what Marijuana directory sites charge and we guarantee that our services will deliver at the minimum 10 times more customers than any other form of online marketing. Every day that your business is not at the top of search engines you are losing market share to your competitors. Contact us today for a free SEO audit and competitor analysis.

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How much does Leafly charge to Advertise?

CUSTOMER RETENTION STATISTICS – The Ultimate Collection for Small Business

How Much Does the Average Person Spend on Legal Marijuana?

How much is a Marijuana Customer Worth?
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How much is a Marijuana Customer Worth?
Description breaks down the numbers of acquiring new customers for your Recreational or Medical Marijuana Dispensary
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How much does Leafly charge to Advertise?

Our Verifiable Clients

Greetings my name is James Meshach, former medical dispensary owner, and Microsoft Database engineer. Having experience in running a medical dispensary I know what it takes to grow a recreational or medical marijuana business by bringing customers through the door.

Besides word of mouth, Bill Boards and Magazines the majority of your new customers are going to find you through the internet. The three main choices available to dispensary owners are the following.




  3. Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Update 10/8/2018

I’ve spoken with several other brands today and Weedmaps Pricing has quoted one brand $30,000/month to be listed in all of California. Another national brand was quoted over $100,000/month to be listed.

The first thing you will want to know is which option will bring in the most customers. The second thing you will want to know is how much of your advertising budget do you want to spend per month on each listing..

depends on where you want your listing but gold, silver, bronze listings can run from between 10-20k depending on the city. possibly more. basic middle of the pack listings easily run 3k+.

So seems like WeedMaps Pricing is ROBBING dispensary owners at 10, to 20,000 a month for medium to large size cities.

The cost of

  • Leafy charges dispensaries to advertise by the number of impressions and also is dependent on how large the target market city is. The only way to truly find out how many Leafly charges for your dispensary is to contact their website and get a media package. I know for one of my clients located in the city of Tacoma Washington Leafly charges $3000 a month to be listed number 3 for that market. Tacoma is considered a medium-size city so you can expect the prices to be higher for a city like Seattle and probably quadruple for large cities like Los Angeles or  San Francisco. By doing searches on the internet I found that one business owner is paying Leafly $10,000 a month for 4 dispensaries for their Bronze package which would list real-world number 3. This comes out to $2500 a month per location.
  • See:



The cost of

When I first started my medical marijuana dispensary in 2014 was charging anywhere from 400 to 1500 a month depending on position and market size.  With the legalization of marijuana, those prices have skyrocketed. Now we learn that is charging up to 30,000 a month for some cities in California and up to 100,000 a month for national vendor brands. Most smaller cities can expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to $3000 per month for the basic packages. Recently I spoke with a Weedmaps representative who confirmed that some dispensaries in Los Angeles are spending 30,000 a month to be number one on their directory. She explained that Weedmaps started in California and therefore has a larger market share and can demand these higher rates. See Reddit Link above for reference.


The Cost of Search Engine Optimization.

You can find a lot of different price ranges from different SEO companies with start packages running from $500 a month all the way up to 10,000 a month and above. A lot of it depends on how big the target market is and range of competition for the targeted keyword. SEO companies offer different types of services with different packages. The primary packages run from $1000 to $5000 per month and have the plan of offering the business an opportunity for steady growth as the Google rankings start to raise and provide more clicks to the business. Also, expect to pay a premium if you have multiple locations for your business along with multiple sites. See

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Which of These Three Marketing Options Provide The Most Customers?

There are two ways to determine your cost per customer from different internet marketing options.

One way is to ask your new customers how they found you and keep a list and then add up the percentages. The other way is by SEO reports and Google Webmaster click-through reports. Every store should at least 1 week per month survey incoming customers and keep track of how they found your store. Some might find you through magazine ads, Billboards, Weedmaps, Leafly, Google, Yahoo or Bing Searches. One of my favorite SEO reports is the referrer page report which shows precise information on how new customers are finding your business.


Top Referral Traffic
Direct 12267 70%
Google 4366 25%
Bing 360 2%
CannabisStation 162 1%
Yahoo 90 1%
Facebook 45 1%
Instagram 43 1% 42 1%
PotGuide 40 1%
Yelp 37 1%
Total  Clicks 17452


This is actual real-world data of one of our clients Green Collar Cannabis located in Tacoma Washington.

The first number is direct clicks which means customers actually typed in Green Collar Cannabis or some other variation of the brand name to reach the website. The numbers below that are of most interest to management. By far the largest number of traffic is coming from Google at 4366 clicks per month with the rest of referrers dropping off sharply after that. One thing you should notice is that Weedmaps and Leafly don’t even show up in the top 10. Even free website is bringing in more customers than the primary industry leaders. How could that be?

Well let’s take a look at an actual search from Google and see what comes up

How Much does Leafly charge

When we Search Tacoma Pot Shop we see that Google presents its three-pack FIRST above all other searches. This use to be a 7 pack but google reduced it last year to force more business to pay for Google Ad words. Next below that we see what’s called organic results. These are natural Google listings that are not paid ads. This is important because 90 percent of consumers do NOT click on ads. Consumers have been trained to TRUST google listings that come up first because they think hey if Google Trust them so should I. The first website we see is which would make perfect sense because that is the highest ranked site in our referral list besides the major search engines and social media sites.


How much does Charge? doesn’t come up until position 8 and Weedmaps isn’t even listed on the first page. From the chart above we can see that the first organic listing on search engines receive 36 percent of all clicks dropping in half for position 2 with positions 3 through 20 following..

Here is a comparison of Search Engine Market share from  August 2016 vs. July 2016, with the previous month’s numbers in parentheses:

  • Google: 79.88% (79.17%)
  • Bing: 9.9% (10%)
  • Yahoo!: 8.34% (8.87%)
  • AOL: 0.84% (0.88%)
  • DuckDuckGo: 0.41% (0.43%)
  • Other: 0.62% (0.65%)


As of 2016 Google has 80 percent of the market share for online searches. From my experience, the majority of recreational marijuana users will use their smartphone and then Google to find local businesses. Think about it? What do you use to find local businesses? Everybody knows Google. Only a few percentages of consumers are going to use Weedmaps or Leafly directly to find a place to buy marijuana. From this data above we can determine that SEO would be the best way for any small business to invest in finding new customers. and almost seem to bring in zero customers which do not cover the cost of marketing for the local cannabis business. Like I said before you should definitely ask new customers if they found you by using Weedmaps or Leafly I think you will be shocked by the results. specializes in Recreational and Medical Marijuana Search Engine Optimization. Our packages for dispensaries start at $750 per month for small cities and max at $4000 for a month for large cities like Los Angeles or Denver. Check out some of our real-world results for some of our clients by visiting our homepage and call to receive a free SEO audit and competitor report. Whether you use our firm or another company don’t wait to start your SEO program, 40 percent of all customers do not search for a new marijuana dispensary after they find one. So every day you wait is losing market share. only does one dispensary per city as not to create a conflict of Interest.


Bellevue, Washington

Reference Links:

Top 10 mistakes recreational marijuana dispensaries make with their website.

Report: Nearly 60 percent of searches now from mobile devices






How Much does Leafly and Weedmaps Charge.
Article Name
How Much does Leafly and Weedmaps Charge.
This is a comparison article for marijuana dispensaries to see marketing cost with Leafly, vs Weedmaps vs Search Engine Optimization
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dispensary Search Engine Optimiztion

Top 10 mistakes recreational marijuana dispensaries make with their website.

  1. Not ensuring that the site is mobile friendly

Close to 75 percent of all internet searchers are done through mobile devices. This is especially more true for businesses that have a physical address because most of the time these potential customers are on the move. Google started this change in 2014 when it noticed that mobile searches have eclipsed desktop searches for the first time. Google will actually PENALIZE your site if it is not mobile friendly. You can test your website right now with Google’s mobile friendly link Here:



  1. Not having the products menu hosting on their website.

Most Recreational Marijuana dispensaries have their menus hosted on third party sites such as Leafly or Weed-Maps. This is a big mistake for the following reasons:

A.Google search engines prefer websites that update their content frequently. The more often a site is updated the more frequently the site will be indexed by Google crawlers.

B.Content is King, the website that has more content will constantly rank higher than those that have less.

C. Your bounce rate will too high. A bounce rate is a SEO term that measures how long a users stay on your website. If you Google marijuana and it brings you to a website selling car parts you immediately click back and continue your search. Google looks at this metric as a sign that your website is spammy or low quality. People who find the information they want stay on the site longer and read the information.

D.If your menu is not on your site customers who are searching for specific products will go to your competitors instead. Here is an example,

User Searchers for Blue Dream in Tacoma here are the results.


The marijuana businesses that don’t have their menu on their website will NEVER show up on these local searchers.


  1. Not Doing Keyword research before building the site.

If you do not do keyword research which is the process of using certain tools to determine what keywords people are searching for the most you will get less traffic and sales than your competitors.  An easy way to do basic keyword research is to type in your target word in Google. The auto complete suggestions are a good clue into type of words consumers are using to find your product or services. If your website does not contain these keywords in the title, Meta descriptions and body of your webpage you are missing out on a lot of customers.

Dispensary Search Engine Optimization

  1. Not having a blog.

Your blog serves the following purposes:

A.It adds content to your website. You can add product reviews, stories, events and more.

B.It keeps your website updated with fresh content which will give you higher rankings.

C.You will capture long tail keywords which are 75 percent of all searches. A short tail keyword would be something like “dispensaries near me” a long tail keyword would be “What is the best recreational marijuana dispensary in Seattle”. Also remember that 25 percent of searches a day are ones that Google has never seen before. By adding a blog and keeping it updated with great content you will capture more of these customers.



  1. Not Optimizing your Google business listing and Google-Plus Page.


Google is trying to compete with other social and review sites like Face book and Yelp. By completing your Google business listing and adding relevant pictures Google will be more likely to take your business seriously and list it higher. Also by updating your Google plus pages and encouraging your customers to follow your page. Your post will show up in their search results almost instantaneously.


  1. Not marketing through You-tube

Google is the largest search-engine in the world, what most people don’t realize is that You-Tube is the SECOND largest search engine in the world. And guess what? Google owns You-Tube. Google lovesYou-Tube videos because they can sell advertising whenever users view them. So it would make sense to have a You-tube Channel for your business and to regular post keyword rich videos relating to your business.


  1. Not collecting Emails of clients

Your website from day one should have a section where customers can leave their name and email address to join your mailing list. You can then use this mailing list to announce events, discounts and contest for pennies on the dollar.


  1. Not requiring vendors to link to your site.

One of the most important ways that Google determines the strength of a website is by how many other websites point links back to you. This counts as an internet vote that your website is a real business and has good content. However all links are not equal; you want links from websites that are in the same field of business that you are in. How many of your vendors have websites? Have them all point a link to yours from there site. This will help BOTH businesses rank higher increasing sales for the both of you.


  1. Not having employees engage with content and social shares.

How many of your employees have Face-book, twitter or Google accounts? Are they posting and sharing your blog post? Are they leaving comments on your website? Are they creating custom content and writings about your business? If they are not they should be. The more social shares your business has the higher your website will rank. Their success depends on your success.

Read our guide 8 ways employees can help improve your search engine optimization.


  1. Not responding to your Google reviews.

According to a survey done by Brightlocal 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation—which is amazing when you look into the fact that reviews are posted by people they do not know. The same survey by Brightlocal; determined that only 12% of the population did not regular read reviews of business services or products.  Most business owners don’t even know that they can reply to their reviews and that is your advantage if you use it properly. Google encourages business owners to reply to good reviews and even more importantly bad reviews. This shows Google and the Customer that you care about your online reputation.  Google also looks at this as a signal that your business is legitimate and will rank you higher.

Go here to learn how to respond to your Google Reviews.


Example of Responding to Customer Reviews


Dispensary Search Engine optimization is one of the most important things you can do to bring in more customers. If your business is not on the first page of Google those customers are going to your competitors. is owned by David Meshach a former Microsoft database engineer and medical marijuana dispensary owner. We know how tough it is to compete in the recreational and medical marijuana market. By ensuring that your website is free of errors and optimized correctly you will get a jump on your competition.

Contact us today for a FREE SEO AUDIT of your current website or to answer any questions you might have about your website.


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Dispensary SEO

8 ways your employees can help your business gain more revenue through SEO


SEO and Employees

Employees Helping with SEO

January 26th 2017
David Meshach

Whether you an international conglomerate or a local mom and pop hair salon you can utilize your employee’s family and friends to increase your rankings on Google thereby bringing your company more business. The two main things that influence Search Engine Optimization are links from other sites and the content and authority of your website. Every employee from your executives down to maintenance personnel can help improve your companies search engine visibility by using the following techniques.

Keyword Research

The first step of search engine optimization is to do keyword research and find out exactly how your customers are finding your product or service. There are several tools to do this including Google Keyword Research Tool, MOZ keyword research tool and others. Basically how it works is you type in a keyword related to your business and it will find similar keywords and tell you how similar ones are searched. For example, let’s say you are a dentist in Chicago we find that the top searched keywords are Dentist, Dentist Ratings, Dental Chicago, Dentist Nearby and Best Dentist in Chicago among many more. When you are writing your comments and blogs you can use these keywords as the basis for your articles.

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Marijuana SEO For Dispensaries



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Marijuana SEO


The recreational and medical marijuana business is competitive and cutthroat. In order to survive and prosper business owners need to decide the best way to apply their advertising dollars to bring in more customers through marijuana search engine optimization.  No one will have a monopoly on the marijuana business because the strains and growing techniques are available to everyone. The best way to distinguish your business from others is customer service and applying your advertising budget and marketing cost effectively.  My name is David and I am a former Microsoft Database Engineer, Medical Marijuana dispensary owner, Medical Marijuana  Grower, owner of and  We have unique insights into what Cannabis Business Owners are facing and have applied our knowledge in real-world situations in the professions of marijuana SEO and website design.

That moment you first open your doors you expect a lineup of customers and when that doesn’t happen you immediately start thinking about advertising your new business to the world. If you are selling weed to the general public you know that you have to be on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You also might have been told you need to be on Weedmaps or Leafly which are the two most popular marijuana directories.

How much does Weedmaps and Leafly Charge?

Weedmaps charges anywhere from $399 to $10,000 a month, whereas Lealfy charges anywhere from $450 to $995 a month. But how do most consumers find local businesses? It is through search engines mostly initiated from a mobile device. The best way to find out how users are searching for your business is to use a specialized SEO tool called a keyword explorer. This tool allows you to type in a search phrase and they will tell you how many people are typing in that keyword per month. For this example, we will use’s keyword tool using the keyword (Marijuana Dispensary)

Marijuana SEO


Here are the top 6 results for the number of searches nationally per month. ** Note these numbers will be less per city because Google will use the searches city location when resenting results.

  1. Dispensary Near Me 70,800
  2. Marijuana Dispensary 30,800
  3. Recreational Marijuana 9,300
  4. Weed Dispensary 6,500
  5. Pot Shops Near Me 3,300

Here is a heat map that shows where a majority of users click on Google or any other search engine.

You can learn more about Google heat maps here.

Marijuana SEO

Marijuana SEO


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List your dispensary for free and get a free do-follow google influencing link at


If you go to Google and just start typing you will see it autocomplete suggestions for you. The number one autocomplete word for a marijuana dispensary is (Dispensary Near Me) That’s why it is critical to do keyword research before you build your website. If your website does not contain the text (dispensary near me) it is will be harder to show up on the first page of Google for that term.

Consumers use Google 90 percent of the time Bing and Yahoo are used 9 percent of the time.  The other 1 percent type in the web address directly. Everybody knows Google or Bing. Very few people in the public know about Weedmaps or Leafly.  If you go to Google right now type in Dispensaries near me you will see your local results. Marijuana SEO can not be underestimated for bringing in new foot traffic to your dispensary.


The top 3 search results are in what Google calls the 3-Pack. It is the first local results based on the city where Google detects from your browser.  Below the local 3 pack is called organic searches.  The important thing to know here is 97 percent of all users click on the top 3 results that are not ads.  In other words, 97 percent of your potential customers are going to your competitors if your business is not in the top 3 search results.  As you can see Leafly and Weedmaps will normally show up in the lower organic results but as you can see from this heat map, nobody is clicking on these links.  According to this information, it would be imperative that a local marijuana business owner ensures that their website is optimized for Google and Bing.





Whether you are a marijuana dispensary or a cannabis vendor having a website will give your business credibility and allow potential customers and suppliers to find you online.  If you do not have a website potential customers will find your competitors instead.  If you have a “home-made website having a professional redesigned responsive website will give your business a professional image and more importantly scale to current and future devices. There is little chance that your website will show up on Google’s first page if it is not designed and implanted correctly for SEO.



A business owner simply can NOT afford to have a website. The cost of designing a professional responsive website is less than you think and once it is up  It only cost around $40 dollars a month for hosting service. That is a small price to pay for having an employee working for you 365 days a year 24 hours a day. If you compare the cost of a website versus a newspaper ad you will see that is a very cost-effective way to promote your recreational or medical marijuana business.



There are many ways a website can help you keep your customers informed.  Creating a newsletter and having users register their email is an awesome way to send out new deals or special events for your customers. Your website is your online brochure or catalog. It is much cheaper and efficient to update your website than to print brochures and mail them to your customer. By having a mailing list you can send new product and sales events to 10,000 customers for pennies.



Your cannabis website is available to your customers even when you are asleep or on vacation. It doesn’t care about your schedule or your customers. This makes it a very effective tool to reach current and new customers and using Marijuana SEO is the best way to reach your potential customers.




People who use the internet, particularly those who use mobile devices are often in motion. They like to get their information quickly. The longer a customer has to wait for a website to load the more likely they will go to your competitor’s website.




If you are looking to be in business long term then a responsive website is a great way to be ready for what customers currently use and what will be available in the future. New devices will include watches and glasses. When your website is responsive it will automatically adjust your website. This will save you money by not having to redesign it in the future. According to a study by Google (conducted by independent research firms Sterling Research and SmithGeiger), 74% of those who visited a mobile-friendly site said they were likely to return to the site in the future and 67% said they were more likely to buy a product or service from a mobile-friendly site.



In the study above, 49 percent of customers expressed disappointment when viewing websites that were not mobile friendly.  That same group of customers said they felt like the company didn’t care about their business if their website didn’t function properly. Additionally, 34 percent felt like their time was wasted and 58 percent said they would likely do business with that company in the future.



That is not a typo. 80 percent of searches on mobile devices will lead to the customer coming to your business. This is because people who use mobile search are on the go and are ready to make a purchasing decision at that moment.  Is local search important for your weed business?  A Local Search Study completed by Neustar Localeze shows that four out of five local searches result in a purchase—and 73% of those purchases were done in a brick-and-mortar store.

Websites that are optimized for mobile outrank static sites in SERPS. Because Google is always looking for ways to improve the user experience  It’s search algorithms favor mobile sites over static sites due to the improved user experience and faster loading times that mobile-friendly sites provide.



Having a recreational or medical marijuana website that can’t be easily navigated by mobile customers can make a business look run-down, much like a storefront on a brick-or-mortar building that hasn’t been kept up. When you think about it, where would you make a purchase—at the shiny, new store with the latest gadgets or the dumpy, outdated store on the corner with the Commodore 64 set in the front window?


Need Bulk or Wholesale CBD Products? Visit


Google begins mobile-first indexing, using mobile content for all search rankings


Businesses with static sites risk looking antiquated. And not in the cool Antique Car Show kind of way.

Responsive design can help your business stay ahead of the competition. Responsive design has taken off in the last couple of years, so most businesses have not switched over yet. Get a leg up on your competition by upgrading to a responsive website before they do. One quick way to tell if a site is responsive is to minimize the width of your browser window. If the site automatically adjusts to the new size, then it is mobile ready


In conclusion, the two most important ways to bring customers to your business is to engage in Marijuana SEO  and to have a professional responsive website site for your Cannabis Business. Our Marijuana SEO plans start for only $859 a month and our responsive mobile ready websites start at only $349 and once you see the results in more foot traffic you will find that it is the most cost-effective way to increase sales revenue for your marijuana business.

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Search engines track how long a user spends on your website. This is known as bounce rate. If a user searches for “Seattle Air Conditioner” and goes to a website that is not relevant and goes back and searches again this is very bad for your website. This is telling the search engines that people are not finding what they searched for and they will subsequently list it lower. But if people stay longer on your site and explore it more by clicks this is telling the search engines that they did their job right and therefore will rank your site higher.

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dispensary Search Engine Optimiztion


A Blog that is shared will bring in more web traffic to your site. With links embedded in your blog you can lead users to pages you want to see or a product you want to sell, such as your services and proA Blog that is shared will bring in more web traffic to your site. With links embedded in your blog you can lead users to pages you want to see or ap for a email list or newsletter.

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By having social media shares on your Blog you can encourage your readers to share them on Facebook, Google Plus and twitter among others. This provides more free back-links to your website and lets the search engines know that your business is being talked about. The more social media signals your website produces the higher it will be ranked in search engines.

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Google’s search engines reward sites that provide new and fresh content. By having sections where users can add their own >comments they are providing FREE content to your website and more importantly free long tail keywords that will be ranked by the search engines.

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Most people are aware of normal keywords that customers use to find your business;  for example; “Seattle Divorce Attorney”. But many more customers might search for “How much do divorce attorneys in Seattle Charge” these are what’s called long tailed keywords and they make up 70 percent of all search engine request. Even more importantly research shows that people who use long-tailed keyword searchers are closer to a buying decision than those using short termed keywords. By having a blog you will pick up keywords that you might not of even though bye  your natural writing behavior. A blog gives you a opportunity to talk about new products and services that you might be offering. You can talk about successful case studies of your clients. How your services help them with a hard problem and how your business provided the solution.

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