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How Much Is a New Dispensary Customer Worth?

  Growing your marijuana business is highly dependent on bringing in new dispensary customers. There are usually many other dispensaries in your city so the shops that wish survive need to capture their local market share at a higher rate than the competition. Many new dispensary owners begin their marketing campaign using industry websites  such…

How much does Leafly charge to Advertise?

  Greetings my name is James Meshach, former medical dispensary owner and Microsoft Database engineer. Having experience in running a medical dispensary I know what it takes to grow a recreational or medical marijuana business by bringing customers through the door. Besides word of mouth, Bill Boards and Magazines the majority of your new customers…

Dispensary SEO

8 ways your employees can help your business gain more revenue through SEO


January 26th 2017
David Meshach

Whether you an international conglomerate or a local mom and pop hair salon you can utilize your employee’s family and friends to increase your rankings on Google thereby bringing your company more business. The two main things that influence Search Engine Optimization are links from other sites and the content and authority of your website. Every employee from your executives down to maintenance personnel can help improve your companies search engine visibility by using the following techniques.

Keyword Research

The first step of search engine optimization is to do keyword research and find out exactly how your customers are finding your product or service. There are several tools to do this including Google Keyword Research Tool, MOZ keyword research tool and others. Basically how it works is you type in a keyword related to your business and it will find similar keywords and tell you how similar ones are searched. For example, let’s say you are a dentist in Chicago we find that the top searched keywords are Dentist, Dentist Ratings, Dental Chicago, Dentist Nearby and Best Dentist in Chicago among many more. When you are writing your comments and blogs you can use these keywords as the basis for your articles.

Marijuana SEO For Dispensaries

  The recreational and medical marijuana business is competitive and cut throat. In order to survive and prosper business owners need to decide the best way to apply their advertising dollars to bring in more customers through marijuana seo.  No one will have a monopoly on the marijuana business because the strains and growing techniques…


Search engines track how long a user spends on your website. This is known as bounce rate. If a user searches for “Seattle Air Conditioner” and goes to a website that is not relevant and goes back and searches again this is very bad for your website. This is telling the search engines that people…

dispensary Search Engine Optimiztion


A Blog that is shared will bring in more web traffic to your site. With links embedded in your blog you can lead users to pages you want to see or a product you want to sell, such as your services and proA Blog that is shared will bring in more web traffic to your…


By having social media shares on your Blog you can encourage your readers to share them on Facebook, Google Plus and twitter among others. This provides more free back-links to your website and lets the search engines know that your business is being talked about. The more social media signals your website produces the higher…


Google’s search engines reward sites that provide new and fresh content. By having sections where users can add their own >comments they are providing FREE content to your website and more importantly free long tail keywords that will be ranked by the search engines.


Most people are aware of normal keywords that customers use to find your business;  for example; “Seattle Divorce Attorney”. But many more customers might search for “How much do divorce attorneys in Seattle Charge” these are what’s called long tailed keywords and they make up 70 percent of all search engine request. Even more importantly…