SEO Case Study For Current Clients


A lot of businesses are approached daily from SEO companies promising to get them to the first page of Google. Here at we actually show you a small sample of some of our clients search results on out SEO case studies page

On this page we show you multiple local businesses and 1 National business that we helped get to the first page of Google. All of these businesses saw a huge intake of customers once they hit the first page. Google use to show the top 7 businesses in what was called the 7 pack. A few years ago they reduced it to the 3-pack to force more local businesses to pay for ads. The big problem with paying for ads is that 94 percent of customers do not click on them because they figure how good can the company be if they have to pay for ads. See:

The first 3 businesses and out SEO firm are all local enterprises with a physical address. The keyword is highlighted first and then our client is highlighted in the search results. Remember results can vary slightly depending on where you are located, whether you are logged into Google and many other factors that Google uses to determine search results. But in general you should see the same results as listed here. Also these are just a sample of keywords. Each of our clients have many more keywords showing up on the first page of Google and Bing and other sear engines.


Client 1            : SEO Case Study For Hair Creations by Knikki

Location           : Leesburg, Virginia

Business Type : Beauty and Hair Salon catering mainly to African American women’s hair styles.


Search Engine Optimization Example Bellevue WA

Bellevue SEO Example
















Client  2            : SEO Case Study For Yen Ching Restaurant

Location           : Lakewood, Washington

Business Type : Chinese Restaurant


Chinese Food Restaurant SEO exampleRestaurant Search Engine Example




Local Restaurant SEO


Lakewood WA SEO























Client  3            : SEO Case Study For Green Collar Cannabis

Location           : Tacoma , Washington

Business Type : Legal Recreational Marijuana Dispensary


Marijuana Dispensary SEO example

Marijuana Dispensary Local SEO


Recreational Marijuana Website and SEO





Multi City Search Engine Optimiztion


SEO Brand Example


Dispensary SEO

















Client  4            : SEO Case Study For

Location           : Nationwide

Business Type : Dispensary/Vendor Directory


National Business SEO Example

Internet marketing Dispensaries















Client 5            : SEO Case Study For Cannabis Station

Location           : Edmond’s Washington

Business Type  :Recreational Marijuana Dispensary 


Client 6           : SEO Case Study For

Location           : Bellevue Washington

Business Type  :SEO and Website Design

SEO Case Study

The main question that clients ask is how long does it take to get to the first page of Google. There are many factors that will determine this, including how long you have had your domain, how many links you have and how much content your website contains. All of our clients have reached first page within 3 months and some as soon as 30 days. Our guarantee to our clients is if you are not on the first page by 3 months then we will work for free until you are. This has never happened but it gives you a peace of mind that the job is being done correctly. Google updates it’s page ranks every three month so this is the general rule that we quote our clients. Our SEO case study should show you that we can get the job done and help your business grow.

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