Mark Lindquist The Grand Wizard

Can somebody please explain to me how a DIRTY PROSECUTOR like Mark Lindquist was able to stay in power for so long in Pierce County Washington? Every since 2011 his OWN detectives and deputy prosecutors have called him a big piece of CORRUPT shit. This STORY is extremely important and should be SHARED to friends…

Las Vegas Shooting

If you find this information informative please share on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus and any other social media platform. Time Stamp. 10/20/2018 206 AM Seattle WA. This is the truth of what really happened in Las Vegas during the worst Mass Shooting in US History. You are welcome to try to debunk it but…

dispensary Internet Marketing

How Much Is a New Dispensary Customer Worth?

Our Verifiable Clients Growing your marijuana business is highly dependent on bringing in new dispensary customers. There are usually many other dispensaries in your city so the shops that wish survive need to capture their local market share at a higher rate than the competition. Many new dispensary owners begin their marketing campaign using industry…

How much does Leafly charge to Advertise?

Our Verifiable Clients Greetings my name is James Meshach, former medical dispensary owner, and Microsoft Database engineer. Having experience in running a medical dispensary I know what it takes to grow a recreational or medical marijuana business by bringing customers through the door. Besides word of mouth, Bill Boards and Magazines the majority of your…

Dispensary SEO

8 ways your employees can help your business gain more revenue through SEO

January 26th, 2017
David Meshach

Whether you an international conglomerate or a local mom and pop hair salon you can utilize your employee’s family and friends to increase your rankings on Google thereby bringing your company more business. The two main things that influence Search Engine Optimization are links from other sites and the content and authority of your website. Every employee from your executives down to maintenance personnel can help improve your companies search engine visibility by using the following techniques.

Keyword Research

The first step of search engine optimization is to do keyword research and find out exactly how your customers are finding your product or service. There are several tools to do this including Google Keyword Research Tool, MOZ keyword research tool, and others. Basically, how it works is you type in a keyword related to your business and it will find similar keywords and tell you how similar ones are searched. For example, let’s say you are a dentist in Chicago we find that the top searched keywords are Dentist, Dentist Ratings, Dental Chicago, Dentist Nearby and Best Dentist in Chicago among many more. When you are writing your comments and blogs you can use these keywords as the basis for your articles.